Yes, You Should Encourage Your Employees to Take a Vacation

Right about now is the time of year when people start thinking about vacation. The weather is cold, the days are short, and there isn’t much to do outside until spring. However, employers should also know that now is the perfect time to take a look at promotional travel packages from FTP Vacations.

FTP Vacations is a division of FASTTRACK Promotions and was established in 2013. FASTTRACK Promotions was founded back in 2006, and the company is the official marketing partner of the NASCAR Member’s Club. FTP Vacations offers branded travel experiences to help businesses grow their revenue.

While promotional travel can be used to drive sales, these types of packages can also be used to inspire employees to work harder and collaborate better. By setting up a contest that rewards employees who win with promotional travel packages, employers can incentivize good work and create a buzz in the office.

FTP Vacations reviews unused travel inventory to create unique and affordable travel packages that individuals and their families will want to use. FTP Vacations employs knowledgeable travel professionals who will always work hard to make sure its customers are satisfied. If you are looking for a promotional travel partner, FTP Vacations is a name to consider

Why Vacations Are Great for Employees and Their Employers?


In addition to the benefits we mentioned above, you should also know that taking vacations in general is good for business. When employees bypass their vacation time, they are more likely to burn out and hurt morale. Everyone needs some time to relax and recharge the batteries. When they don’t do this, their work suffers.

Also, employees who do not use their vacation time are more likely to get sick or report mental health issues. They also are less likely to get promoted. Why not encourage employees to use their time by introducing promotional travel packages as part of an awards system? The end result could be happier employees and a more productive workplace.

We encourage you to learn more about FTP Vacations and review what you might want out of a promotional travel package to motivate employees.

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